Thursday, 4 May 2017

Luxury Home ideas…..

Building your home is one of the most exciting ventures that a person can take on and it all begins with the perfect luxury home design. Uncertainty can be a natural experience when you are looking to build a home and we understand what you are going through. Our objective is to make sure that you get the ultimate start to this process. The possibilities for your new luxury home are endless and we can help you create the upscale home that meets your vision.
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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Contemporary Designs

Contemporary or modern house Designs promote flexible living space and provision of natural light. The exteriors are a mixture of stone cladding, brick and wood. In this type of House Exterior we are focusing on simple, large windows, flat gabled roof with asymmetrical shape which looked like a modern look luxurious house.
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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Get ready to control your home's lighting, climate and security at the touch of a button.

These days electronic and communications technology influences almost every aspect of the home environment. Smart home technology is increasingly common in new homes and major home renovations – especially at the top end of the market. A home automation system include: Access control, CCTV, Data Networks, Lighting control, security systems, window covering controls, temperature control etc…….

Home Automation system can be custom designed in a subtle way that compliments the design aesthetic and lifestyle needs of the clients. For more ideas visit


There’s a darker side to building a new home that only a few know of. For others, it is packed with joy, happiness, and celebrations. For some, it’s all that and…endless running around. How, you ask? Let us tell you a story.

This is the story of two friends Mr. Iyyer and Mr. Nathan, who bought their first home/apartment last year. How to get the interiors done is the one question they have before the builder handed over the flat. Then Nathan suggested, it is better to hire an interior designer to get it done, but Iyyer was worried that interior designer will charge high for their designs. So, it is better to hire a carpenter and get the work done.

Nathan was not convinced with the idea of Iyyer and approached a reputed interior designer in the city to get the job done. He along with his wife went to the interior designer’s office and discussed about his requirements and ideas and was convinced with their professional approach to the design process and finalized contract with them for his flat interior design and build services.

But Iyyer was confident because one of their far relative from his native town told him about Sharmaji, a carpenter turned contractor who worked for his home interiors few years back. When Iyyer met Sharmaji, he spoke about his experience and workmanship.

And said he can manage to do complete interiors just by seeing reference images from different magazines or internet so, that he can save unnecessary interior designer charges, finally Iyyer trusted him blindly and decided to go with him to cut down designing cost.

Days and week passed by and Nathan got all paper work done like 2d designs, 3d views, working drawings and estimate for his interiors from the designer’s office and then he finalized all the finishes and materials as per the concept and given approval to start the work on site.

Iyyer was excited when Sharmaji the contractor, came in with a couple of junior carpenters who had measuring tapes and several other tools that made them look totally professional. Iyyer had efficiently goggled and shortlisted several images, designs, taken printouts.

Sharmaji appreciated Iyyer’s designs and said he will come back and tell them how those designs can be accommodated in the home/space that they have. However, the next day happened five days later Sharmaji told him that they might have to make slight changes here and there to the design to fit the specifications/on site sizes.

Two months later the Nathan was happy and was satisfied with the outcome as it is exactly as what he wanted. Whereas Iyyer is still following up with Sharmaji to complete the pending works and fix their cabinets and bending wardrobe shutters. Sadly none of his dream home spaces looked anywhere close to how they had envisioned their home to be.

Later when Iyyer went to house warming function of Nathan, he was really surprised and impressed with the interiors for their designs, material quality and finishes. He felt that he would love to rewind and go back a year and start it all over again but this time with a professional interior designer with commitment to time, quality and value for money.

Well Iyyer’s story was just an example. But is it really worth spending all the money, time and effort when you are not really sure what you are getting. For just ‘something’? Customize your interiors according to your style, see the 3D views of how it will look in your home and get the accurate estimate for the design along with project completion schedule.

If it’s too late by the time this reached you, don’t worry, there are a lot of dreams you can still save! Don’t forget to tell your friends.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Children room design ideas !!

This room is a delight for kids, owing to its playful vibe. As you enter through the door, you notice how the low seating arrangement stacked up against the walls leaves ample space in between. The colour scheme is an interesting fusion of grey and white with dashes of bright yellow.The cupboard flaunts images of players playing different games.

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Looking for Ceiling Ideas!!

Ceiling are said to be simply the upper most part of the room which gives us a complete room or an architectural structure. False ceiling brings the spark to the rooms and spaces. It is one of the ways to get desired ceiling designs and wonderful effects to accomplish your designing work.
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Thursday, 20 April 2017

An innovative corner cabinet solution!!

The most underestimated space in the kitchen is the corners. Most kitchens corner is frequently left unused – or used with simple shelf solutions offering users insufficient access to stored items. For this reason, the corner cabinet offers huge potential for effectively exploiting storage space, particularly in smaller spaces.

The company Hafele Vauth-Sagel’s has released its Cornerstone cabinet solution which it says is “rethinking the corner”.

Cornerstone is a swivelling system component that automatically extends the entire contents out of the cabinet upon opening the door. The travel path is controlled and confined to the area of the corner cabinet carcase. The opening angle of just 85 degrees is optimised in a way that the corner cabinet does not impact with other front panels, handles or walls.

Closing the cabinet is also possible with a small movement of the door – the shelf elements retreat virtually silently back into the corner cabinet.

They have introduced two options–

                                      1) Cornerstone

                                      2) Cornerstone Maxx.

1) Cornerstone

Cornerstone is an all-rounder, equipped with symmetrical shelves and the corresponding mechanism (measuring 75mm in height) enables flexible utilization whether the corner cabinet is installed on the left or the right.

2) Cornerstone Maxx

Cornerstone Maxx offers maximum comfort, modern design and innovative features. With an asymmetrical shape, the unit features two height-adjustable shelf surfaces for even more storage space. Maxx is heavy-load compatible, suitable for weights of up to 25kg on each shelf.

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