Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Beautiful study room design Ideas!!

Study room sounds like creating a serious and sort of intelligent atmosphere for a respective age group, kid and occupant who needs to be seated over there and continue with their work or study. But have you ever thought what if creating a study room should be a playful job to accomplish with healthy and positive atmosphere to give your child a personal room just not to learn but also to get focused in a smooth and simple manner. 

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Choose the best wood for your interiors!!

It is extremely important to do your research and know the materials at hand before you start thinking about your home interior design.

Of the many things that are critical in making a home, one of the most essential components is wood work.
But sometimes choosing the right kind of wood can be a little difficult. so, we are proving you few details of the wood.

1. Plywood 

This is the most generic one of the lot and the one that’s easiest to recognize. Plywood is basically sheets of wood that have been pasted together, what makes it different is the kind of chemical treatment that it undergoes.

Plywood is available in multiple thicknesses ranging from 2 mm to 38 mm.

Quality Interior Design woodwork is done with 18 mm plywood. So make sure you check the thickness with your interior designers during the interior design cost estimation phase.

There are 2 different types of Plywood that are used in home interior wood work:

MR Grade or commonly referred to as Commercial Plywood – This is your regular plywood, which can be used in making your Wardrobes, TV Cabinet, Shelves and other interior work except in Bathrooms and Kitchen. IS310 is recommended

BWR Grade Plywood (Boiled Water Resistant)– This should be used for Kitchen or Bathroom Interior Design work. IS710 is recommended

2. Block Board

Block board is a cubical stock of wood that has been sandwiched between two thin sheets of Ply (or plywood). Block wood has higher levels of durability and resistance and is therefore used for more heavy duty things.

It is more sturdy and is not that easy to warp or bend making it ideal for creating stable structures. Blockboard is available in thicknesses ranging from 16, 19 & 25 mm.

Additionally, the component of Blockboard can be altered according to the specifications of its use in interior applications.


MDF is a category of wood that is engineered and made from wood pulp. As its construction component is wood pulp, its resistance and sturdiness is a little less when compared to the blockwood.

It has low resistance to warping/ bending & moisture and because of it’s softer structure, nails do not hold well to join MDF sheets together.

The solution is that they either need to be screwed in tight or joined together using various tools.

However, on the bright side, about this type of wood is that you get various “pre-laminated” options and that too in different colours, shades & textures.

If used intelligently, MFD can help you achieve a really good looking piece of construction at a fairly low cost.

If you are looking for a long-lasting, high-quality interior wood work then you shouldn’t go with MDF. Choose good quality plywood instead.


The name of this type of wood actually does a lot of justice to it. Particle Board is basically chips of wood glued together and pressed into sheets.

Out of all the options that have been provided to you as of now, particle board is the cheapest of the lot.Additionally, the Particle Board is a type of wood that has the least resistance to moisture and due to its low density & weight it offers good resistance to bending.
Like the MDF, the Particle Board is also available in a “pre-laminated” form and if used properly, it can help in lowering costs as well.

It should be used for low-cost furniture that you want to change from time to time.

With a quality finishes like laminate, Veneer, Duco on top of all these different types of woods, plywood’s, all interior wood work look the same.
So, be informed, choose the material wisely when you embark on your home interiors done.
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Monday, 20 February 2017

Importance of space planning in interior designing!!

Space planning is one of the most important aspects of interior design. It can have a very strong impact on the success of a room. Without proper planning, a room can end up awkward. Knowledge of furniture sizes and space allowances, some imagination and a sense of composition really help too. In a well-planned room space is used to its utmost effect. The room’s needs and functions are taken into consideration, and any difficult spaces or problem areas are dealt with. Your goal is to accomplish this beautifully, comfortably, tastefully, and so gracefully that the placement of all the objects in the room seems both obvious and surprising.

Let’s begin with some basic questions one should consider whilst space planning. So before you can begin with the tangibles, your first challenge will be to think through your own needs, wants and ideas for the room, as well as how you will be using it. Ask yourself these questions to start:

1: What are the functions of this room?  

Is it to be multi-functional? Gone are the days when rooms were allotted for specific utilities. Now, we can use one room for many purposes or have one space sectioned enough to collaborate different space usages. For example, a drawing space being connected to dining by providing small partition. So, decide the use and then make the decisions!

2: How many people will be using the space and for what purposes?

It’s better to be clear about this so that you can determine your furniture type and tastes accordingly and practically design the areas.

3: What furniture do you have that you’ll want to use here?

A good space planning includes the fact of considering reutilization of old stuff (existing furniture).

4: How do you want the room to feel, space-wise – open and airy, cozy, minimal, serene?

We all have tastes of our own and a lot depends on the surroundings also. So, think about it as your home reflects your mood and taste.

5: How much natural light is available and what kinds of lighting will be needed?

The provision of natural light is must and having it fully utilized, even better! But at times that does not seem feasible or acts as a hindrance in planning. So, try to make the most of it or decide what type and kind of lighting you prefer.

6: What are the focal points of the room and how can you take advantage of them?

Every space has a center of attraction to it and once you decide that, you can manage to design things way better than before!

7: Do you need to create focal points?

There are some cases in interior designing where a space has no focus anywhere and in that case, in order to raise the design value, we create new focal points to add a beauty to the space!

8: Any last wishes for the room?

Ensure you carefully consider all your points and if it isn’t the way you wished for, it’s a waste!

For better space planning, you have to hire experienced and skilled professional interior designers, who have been providing these services successfully for many years. A small space can be managed efficiently with help of them.So, it is very important to hire an interior designer for your home.
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The interior Design Trends you’ll be loving in 2017!!

The New Year comes with predictions. What decor will be popular?

We have compiled a list of what will be the biggest 2017 design trends. Here’s the scoop on few key design elements to keep an eye on.

Eco-friendly home décor

As the world becomes more ecologically-conscious, the trend will shift towards being simple and spacious. Move over artificial plants, flowerpots and indoor vines will rule this year's home décor, along with increased ventilation and large windows. Recycled products will be seen aplenty in the form of eco-friendly and stylish furniture.

Colour of the year

While 2016 belonged to the pastels and grey, this year will see a splash of green. Layering intense, saturated colours like green on the walls will furnish your room with a fresh and light touch. So don't be afraid to experiment and add a dash of green to express your signature style. Remember that 2017 is going to be the year of experimenting with conventionalism, elegance and bohemian accents.

Designs on the Wall

The revival of wallpaper might also be seen but the wall decals and quoted artwork may be washed off as wall décor.
Also, materials like cork and terracotta may make a comeback and take over marble this year which is turning trite.

Jewel tones

In the year ahead, rustic accents and jewel tones are likely to add some elegance, along with the natural and conventional look making it a highly experimental and bold look for home décor.

Smart Homes

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken over. IoT, in the home, includes all of the web-enabled gadgets and technical bells and whistles that people use. It includes digital entertainment systems, smart kitchen appliances, electronic window shutters, online security systems, and anything else that connects to the wireless web in some manner. Expect this home trend to grow exponentially in 2017.

Changing work patterns encouraged growth of home offices

During the recession, company scale-backs forced many to work or job hunt out of their homes. Additionally, technology advancements made telecommuting a more feasible option for many workers. As a result, even though homes were getting smaller during the housing downturn, home offices were growing in popularity.

Class will meet comfort and (eco-)consciousness in 2017 as people turn towards conventional and flexible furnishing. Green will be the hue of the year, bringing nature and home décor closer, in a bold fashion, thriving on metals and jewel tones, and recycled products. It is going to be a year of a perfect mismatch!

Choose what you love and continue to love your home by developing your taste and personal style. 

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Eco Friendly Interior Design Ideas!!

Eco-Friendly Interior Designing is the minimizing the resources involved in construction and taking up eco-friendly materials with emphasis on the health and environmental impact of the same. The benefits of green interior design comes include low maintenance cost, better air quality, energy efficiency, better waste management and low exposure to toxic material.

While doing your interior as eco-friendly interior design make it to be a delightful thing in itself, it would be even better if in the process you were contributing positively to your health and the environment. And choosing eco-friendly options for the interior needn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on the aesthetic front. In fact, the contrary may be the case since some of the ‘green’ options available are eye candies which could outmatch many artificial variants.

With health and environmental benefits, coupled with the beauty that it brings in, you better not miss out on these eco-friendly ideas for home interior decor.

Place plants as decoration:

Nothing could be much better than placing plants in your house. Placement of interior plants can be at a corner, staircase, on the furniture, in the bedroom, living room, dining room etc. It also adds beauty to your interior design and gives it a natural and fresh ambiance. Choose plants that fit your spaces. If you are aiming to improve indoor air quality, you can place peace lilies, bamboo palm or gerbera daisy.

Let sunlight In:

Another smart and efficient way of creating an eco-friendly indoor is by letting the sunlight in and maximizing daylight. You can do this by using skylights and open shades in your interior spaces. Warmth and light of the sun kills all the negatives and brings in a fresh and cozy feel to your interiors.

Use organic & natural materials:

This is one good way to achieve an eco-friendly home. But you would be spending more when you use these kinds of materials. If you are really aiming to achieve an interior that is good for the environment, you have to do away with plastic, particleboard and chromed metal. Avoid material which can be harmful on the long run. Use materials which can be recycled easily and used up again and again.

Use energy efficient lighting:

Using a compact fluorescent light can help you save energy and electrical power. Use of LED, CFL etc., brings that eco-friendly atmosphere to your home, they hardly emit any kind of heat, chemical waves etc.

Use stone or wood for the flooring: 

You can use stone for your flooring like marble, granite, mosaic, etc. You may also try using wooden parquet or laminated flooring which can be good for the homeowners. Apart from an Eco-friendly ambiance, it can also add more appeal to the designing part of your interiors.

Use Energy efficient windows:

Choose windows that are lined with special coatings to reflect heat and give insulation. Windows that is energy efficient is already a good source of heat loss on cold times and unwanted heat on hot seasons.
Choose Eco friendly wall coverings:

For your walls, choose paints that do not emit harmful substances. You can opt for eco-friendly wallpapers. Or you might go for wood panels, cork, ceramic tiles. These days market is so flooded with eco-friendly paints with variety of brands and colors to meet your requirements.

Having Eco-friendly interiors is always better and brighter. Simply by trying to achieve an interior that is green, help the environment go green & bring home happiness.

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Classy Residence!!

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Architectural Lighting Design Ideas!!

An Indian home with an extraordinary touch!

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Modern house with classical touch!!

A Modern House with Artistic Touches !!

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The Indian Family that has it all !!

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What kind of services do interior designer provide?

An interior designer is a trained professional who plans and supervises the design of interior decoration and furnishings of homes, offices and other spaces.

Most professional designers offer

1) Design Consultancy Services

2) Turnkey Services (Design + Execution)

Design Consultancy
In Design Consultancy services, the interior designer provides designs and the working drawings only to the client. And the project Management is client’s responsibility.

Turnkey Services (Design + execution)

In Turnkey services, interior designers not only will they provide the designs; they also source materials and furnishings and handle the project management to carry out the necessary plumbing, electrical and carpentry works etc. They supervise the entire process until the curtains have been hung and the sofa has been positioned appropriately.

Kreative house is the single stop solution for Architecture, Interior and Landscape services. “From Concept to Concrete”…. is the work-mantra of Kreative House.

“KreativeHouse is known as the most sought after firm for residential architecture and interior design in India. KreativeHouse is famous for Design and Execution of Luxury and Green High end Residences without compromising on innovativeness in design and quality of execution"

What is the right time to approach an Interior Designer?

If you are looking to furnish your house, you will with this question in your mind: what is the most correct time to appoint an interior designer.

Usually, people follow a sequential thought process. The sequence goes as below:

· Buying a property

· Getting the possession

· Completing the formalities

· Appointing an interior designer 2-3 months prior to moving-in

But as interior designers, we can say that the ideal time should be during the planning stage i.e. before the actual construction of the building (before brick work). Example: consider creating the door and window openings as per desired layout of the bed, wardrobe and the chairs rather than trying to ill –fit the bed in an existing small bed room with fixed movement areas. An interior designer will come up with your desired layout considering you requirements.

This will additionally save upon money involved in making civil changes at later date. Interior designer will also suggest you in selecting the floor tiles, sanitary fittings, electric work and similar items based on the layout and designs.

So, it’s better to bring in the designer for the very first stages of space planning and design concept.

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Enhance Your Kitchen with Attractive Kitchen Design

When you think of interior design you need to focus on every aspect of every room, if you want to get things right. But perhaps your focus is more needed on the single most important room of the house – the kitchen.

After all, the kitchen is probably where you spend the maximum time when awake. It’s where you cook your food, eat and probably have family dinners. If your dining table is part of the kitchen, it certainly is the most frequently used room in the house.

Considering it is such an important room, you probably want it to look the best in the house. for kitchen design inspiration ideas visit www.kreativehouse.asia

Light up your Wardrobe with these ideas!!

Wardrobe lighting is an often ignored part of wardrobe design but it can be a pretty useful one. Charm up all the sections of your wardrobe with light fittings inside it. Get a better visibility, stunning looks and a complete designing by installing the types of wardrobe light fittings according to each section and variations. Here we are providing some ideas on how to light up your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Strip Lighting

You can try to illuminate your closet interiors by using strip lights underneath the hanging rods or under-roof sections of the wardrobe. Further enhance the features by using sensors for automatically switching on the strip lights.

Wardrobe Rail Lights

Proper lighting helps to create the perfect ambiance in your bedroom by providing illumination with a balanced distribution of lights. Cove lighting is an excellent choice for internal cabinet lighting. See clothes in their true colors by using these on an illuminated clothes rail.

Drawer Lights

Wardrobe can have drawer lights installed which light up as soon as you pull them out. Drawer lights use infrared sensor technology and is an efficient convenience solution when added to your wardrobe design. Use of energy efficient LEDS mean they also last a really long time.

Wardrobe Down lights

You may light up the outer sections of the wardrobe as well by installing few lights over the wardrobe by creating a false platform. Wardrobe lighting gives a complete look to the wardrobe inside as well as outside sections.

Double the Effect with Mirrors

The right lighting to illuminate the immediate area surrounding your wardrobe is of vital importance, when your wardrobe is a mirrored one. Mirrored wardrobes have a vital advantage in that they make rooms feel more expansive. Using decorative lights around the mirror can further enhance the effect

Depending on your budget, choose from different types of lighting accessories to increase the functionality of your wardrobe design.

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Crockery unit design Ideas

Manage your glassware, crockery collection in a simple yet stylish manner. Get more of well utilized space of your dining area, kitchen or living room with elegant crockery unit. Crockery units are made to make your dining area look more elegant, well managed, sharp and amazing. They are not just installed to put in the glass stuff but also to exhibit the best of your crockery collection to your friends and family in a modern and cool way.

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Different types of Wardrobes Designs !!

After a bed, the wardrobe is one of the most essential furniture items in any home. Considering that wardrobes are one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home, you should ensure your wardrobe is not only functional but it also matches your personal sense of style. We bring you a few types of wardrobe designs that are popularly available in the market.

A Free standing Wardrobe

This is a traditional style of a wardrobe that can easily be moved around the house or from room to room. The most common free-standing wardrobes come in a wood finish although there are also plenty of metal and plastic options on the market.

Some of the limitations of this type of wardrobe is that even the largest can often be a little short of space inside.

Hinge Door/Openable Wardrobes:

Hinge door/ Openable wardrobes are the most common shutter style. They are the standard wardrobe solution, where the shutter opens directly in front. Available in both a handle and handle-less design, this conventional shutter is the most versatile and is easily lockable. With hinge door wardrobes, the user must have enough space for the shutter to open out in front to successfully access their items. At any given time, the user can access the entire wardrobe at once by opening all the shutters.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobes are a modern take on the classic hinge door wardrobe styles. With changing times and having a non fussy style of “almirah”, it is an ideal choice with a contemporary look. As per the available width, sliding door wardrobe can be designed with two, three or four doors. The sliding doors glide smoothly on a track.

For effective use of the bedroom space this is the best choice, as it occupies less space. No more pull-out wardrobe-doors on hinges. This enables more free space in the room.

The sliding doors can be made in different types of sliding systems and with a wide variety of materials creating endless possibilities.

You can also add an overhanging loft to store your large size luggage/ suitcases and other stuff that is used only once in a while.


Walk in wardrobes are the ultimate luxury when it comes to clothes storage and are fairly rare. For people who are really into fashion and collect a large amount of clothing over time, walk in wardrobes can be the perfect solution. A standard walk in wardrobe would have hanging and storage space on every side with perhaps a chair to one side or a bench in the middle. That being said, walk in wardrobes are the most versatile of the three options and can in most cases be designed to the perfect spec for any given user. A walk in wardrobe could be added to a bedroom with a partition with sliding doors, or even more easily, a spare room could be converted.

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