Monday, 20 February 2017

The interior Design Trends you’ll be loving in 2017!!

The New Year comes with predictions. What decor will be popular?

We have compiled a list of what will be the biggest 2017 design trends. Here’s the scoop on few key design elements to keep an eye on.

Eco-friendly home décor

As the world becomes more ecologically-conscious, the trend will shift towards being simple and spacious. Move over artificial plants, flowerpots and indoor vines will rule this year's home décor, along with increased ventilation and large windows. Recycled products will be seen aplenty in the form of eco-friendly and stylish furniture.

Colour of the year

While 2016 belonged to the pastels and grey, this year will see a splash of green. Layering intense, saturated colours like green on the walls will furnish your room with a fresh and light touch. So don't be afraid to experiment and add a dash of green to express your signature style. Remember that 2017 is going to be the year of experimenting with conventionalism, elegance and bohemian accents.

Designs on the Wall

The revival of wallpaper might also be seen but the wall decals and quoted artwork may be washed off as wall décor.
Also, materials like cork and terracotta may make a comeback and take over marble this year which is turning trite.

Jewel tones

In the year ahead, rustic accents and jewel tones are likely to add some elegance, along with the natural and conventional look making it a highly experimental and bold look for home décor.

Smart Homes

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken over. IoT, in the home, includes all of the web-enabled gadgets and technical bells and whistles that people use. It includes digital entertainment systems, smart kitchen appliances, electronic window shutters, online security systems, and anything else that connects to the wireless web in some manner. Expect this home trend to grow exponentially in 2017.

Changing work patterns encouraged growth of home offices

During the recession, company scale-backs forced many to work or job hunt out of their homes. Additionally, technology advancements made telecommuting a more feasible option for many workers. As a result, even though homes were getting smaller during the housing downturn, home offices were growing in popularity.

Class will meet comfort and (eco-)consciousness in 2017 as people turn towards conventional and flexible furnishing. Green will be the hue of the year, bringing nature and home décor closer, in a bold fashion, thriving on metals and jewel tones, and recycled products. It is going to be a year of a perfect mismatch!

Choose what you love and continue to love your home by developing your taste and personal style. 

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