Saturday, 1 April 2017

10 Great ways to keep your house cool this summer

During the summer it is very hot inside the house. Here are some ways to keep your house cool even in summer.

1. White lime wash on terrace

This acts like an reflective layer and helps the slab to remain cool throughout summer. This washes away in the rains, so a re-application is required every summer.

2.Use lighter colors

In summers, use lighter colors for the interiors. Eg- Bed sheets, Sofa, Curtains etc. Using dark colors will absorb much more heat. Use neutral colors like- whites, cream, peach, sky blue etc.

3. Bamboo blinds on windows

Using blinds along with curtains again acts like an insulator to heat from the sun.They can be installed in any existing window

4. Ventilate at Night

Even during summer, the nights are cooler.By leaving your windows open during the night, you will be enabling the cooler night air to enter your home and dissipate the accumulated heat.

5. Front Porch

If possible, construct a deep covered front porch to for your house. This partially open space will increase air circulation and provide shade, preventing the direct rays of the sun from reaching the front walls of your home.This will reduce the heat buildup in your home.

6. Plants

During photosynthesis,Plants absorb the light and heat from the sun and release water into the air, thereby cooling the surrounding air.

When you have many plants around your home, they cool the atmosphere around them, reducing the amount of heat entering your home.

7. Close up the Home

Another simple way of keeping your home cool during summer is to make sure that you close all the windows during the hottest part of the day. By preventing hot air from entering your home and cool air from leaving it.

8. Window Awnings

Another way of ensuring that less heat penetrates your home is to put up window awnings. This will prevent the sun rays from directly falling on your windows, deflecting the amount of heat entering your home.

9. Keep the refrigerator door closed

While opening the refrigerator door for a cool blast of air sounds good and may cool you off for a short while, it's actually counterproductive when it comes to cooling off your home. The motor in the refrigerator needs to work harder to maintain a constant temperature and ends up generating more heat.

10. Dehumidifier

Humidity is the real problem in the summer months. All the natural cooling methods will work much better if humidity can be turned down. A dehumidifier is a low cost yet extremely effective gadget to take care of that.

Hope this article will be helpful to you!!

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