Monday, 17 April 2017


Modular kitchens are all about making our kitchen more organized. Here comes the kitchen baskets which sets all your things in an orderly manner. Baskets have become the major storage source in a kitchen. Gone are those days where all your things are packed and stored in your loft.

Many baskets of different sizes and styles are available in the market based on its purpose. Most of the baskets are fitted with in the cabinets and drawers of kitchen.

Types of baskets – Choose among the best as per your requirements…!!

1. Plain Kitchen baskets – These are plain stainless steel baskets with sufficient in- built spacing to store all kinds of utensils and annealed raw materials.

2. Thali Kitchen baskets – These are highly space saving and functional baskets. They are basically used to arrange the plates of different sizes and shapes with many different sized compartments built within it.

3. Cutlery Kitchen baskets – These baskets consists of in built thin adjustable steel wires which are useful to store small accessories like spoons, knives and forks.

4. Partition Kitchen basket – These stainless steel baskets are made partitioned so as to store different kitchen utensils like plates, cups, glasses and spoons.

5. Bottle Baskets – These are the high quality baskets which are specially designed to store bottles of different sizes and shapes.

Having baskets imbibed into your kitchen will suffice your needs. 

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